Paris here we come


Anne & I will be in Paris from Thu 3 to Tue 8 December, attending some of the numerous fringe events. We hope to learn and share ideas with people and organisations like CCF from all over the world.

You may have met me as CCF Chair or at Thermal Imaging or Open Eco Homes, where we have hosted the last 2 years. Anne also volunteers with CCF and is an expert on low-carbon innovation.

We’ll be running a CCF workshop at the Climate Forum on “How to stop feeling helpless“, about low-carbon choices and involving others:  Sat 5 Dec 2-4pm  Salle 425, Lycee Jean Jaures, 1 rue Dombasle, Montreuill.

Hoping for a good outcome from the international negotiations, but not holding my breath! Plainly we’re still going to need all appropriate methods to tackle climate change from personal change to global politics – urgently and on a big scale!

Watch this space for my Paris blogs and see @AnneMiller_eu for her twitter and also her website.

Tom Bragg

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