Low Carbon Future: Dream or Nightmare?

Bev Sedley and Liz Serocold enjoyed a lively discussion with 14 enthusiastic participants for CCF’s “Low Carbon Future: dream or nightmare?” session for the 2012 Festival of Ideas on Monday evening, October 29th. (12 of the participants had never heard of CCF before, which meant that this was a good outreach opportunity.) After an introduction to carbon footprints and a general look at what the future might hold for Cambridge, we focused on food footprints, playing the food game as a taster for CCF’s Carbon Conversations groups and looking at specific ideas for helping to promote sustainable food locally.

This workshop provided a taste of what Cambridge Carbon Footprint covers in our award-winning six-session course, Carbon Conversations, and touched on what Transition Cambridge created for their positive vision of Cambridge in 2030 earlier this year. We explored the possibility of a low carbon world that is rewarding and enjoyable, bringing a greater sense of community while requiring us to reduce our consumption.




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