Write-ups of Past Events


Installing Loft Insulation 1St Luke’s Church
Victoria Road, CB4 3DZ

St Luke’s Church, Victoria Road, Cambridge CB4 3DZ

26 people came to an animated evening, learning more about:

  • How much heat is your house losing in winter from poor insulation?
  • What about heat GAIN in summer?
  • How to stay comfortable, save on bills and cut your carbon emissions?
  • What are the pros and cons of different types of insulation?
  • How has new insulation worked out in Open Eco Homes?

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Cambridge Pumpkin Fest


Various locations throughout Cambridgepumpkinfest logo.jpeg

The first Cambridge Pumpkin Fest is hosting over 30 events to encourage food waste reduction in fun, creative and delicious ways. Festivities include:

  • Pumpkin Festival launch Night at St Paul’s on 23 Oct with talks from Sam Joseph of Bristol Skipchen, food4food and Prospects Trust. Food provided by FoodCycle with music from The Misspent Ukes.
  • Pip’s Pay as You Feel Pumpkin Pop-up at St Paul’s on both Sun 25th Oct and Fri 6th Nov. A popular dining experience that serves vegetarian and vegan meals created from rescued food.
  • Kids’ Disco Soup, St Paul’s 7th Nov. Cook and dance! First ever disco soup especially for children. Make a meal together from donated food whilst the DJ provides the tunes.
  • And lots, lots more for both adults and children including storytelling, picnics, ghost walks, a visit to a waste management park, a Pumpkin Labyrinth etc. For a full programme see the Pumpkin Festival website

Booking necessary for some events and some events are free but not all. You can join the event on facebook or twitter #PumpkinRescue

CCF is pleased to be partnering on the Cambridge Pumpkin Fest.

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Renewables Plus

Katharine's PV crop (300x385)Friends Meeting House
12 Jesus Lane, CB5 8BA

17 of us heard great presentaions, then with lively discussions on:
Choosing renewable energy and efficient heating for your home & budget

Solar PV the latest choices Owen Morgan, Cambridge Solar Presentation
Heat Pumps, micro CHP,    Pete McKeown, Cernunnos
Living with solar, heat pumps, MVHR   Nicola Terry      Presentation
                                                  Chair:   Tom Bragg, OEH Manager & Host

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Thermal Imaging Training

Thermal Image Front DoorCCF OFFICE
Hooper St. CB1 2NZ

Thermal imaging vividly reveals weaknesses in a building’s insulation and air tightness.

These popular training sessions are for people wanting to borrow a thermal imaging camera to examine their own homes, those of friends and then to visit others who’ve requested a survey. Learn from Tom Bragg and Nicola Terry how to use our two cameras and interpret their images.


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Personal Stories

IMGP0809 Friends Meeting House
12 Jesus Lane, CB5 8BA

18 of us heard homeowners’ varied stories: choosing, installing and living with a variety of energy-saving measures. We learnt how and why they now live in beautiful, energy-efficient homes,  what’s it been like? What are the benefits — and the problems? Lively discussion continued and people found it hard to leave!

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Airtightness & Ventilation

Fitting P stripAnglia Ruskin University, Helmore 251
East Road, CB1 1PT

34 people had a lively evening about the competing needs for air tightness and ventilation and what’s best for our homes:

Nobody wants to live in a draughty house, nor a stuffy house; we want the best indoor air quality. Whatever kind of home you live in our panel of experts helped us understand the issues and solutions. Continue reading

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Priorities & Plans

Girton 1Lightfoot Room, Divinity School, St John’s

29 of us had thought provoking presentations and discussion on:
How to decide your priorities & make it happen
from easy jobs to big projects.  Make a plan and turn it into reality, minimising hassle and unnecessary costs. Continue reading

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Open Eco Homes 2015

Alex & Visitors Lingrey Ct - Crop (269x117)

Open Eco Homes was a great success with about 400 visits made to fifteen exciting low-energy homes, both new-build and retro-fit.  Visitors were delighted with what they saw and learnt. Householders showed and explained the energy-saving features of their homes – the pros and cons – and how to improve comfort while cutting energy bills and carbon emissions.
Visits are free. Donations welcome.
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The Summer Clothes Swap Party

The Summer Clothes Swap Party copySt Andrews Street Baptist Church,
43 St Andrew’s Street, CB2 3AR

CCF are partnering with Cambridge BID to bring Cambridge its very own Clothes Swap Party. Bring your unloved garments and swap them for some pre-loved treasures on Saturday 25th July. Bring your items in at 1pm and enjoy tea and cake whilst a team organises a swapping bonanza that kicks off at 1.30pm.

1.00pm: Drop off your clothes, shoes, accessories

1.30pm: The swap shop opens and ends at 3pm

Entry is free – though donations are very welcome. This event is a fundraiser for Cambridge Carbon Footprint. All excess goods will be donated to charity.

No booking required.

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2015 Annual General Meeting

The Centre at St Paul’s (lower Hall)
Hills Rd, CB2 1JP

CCF membersAll welcome to come and hear CCF’s inside story, ask questions and give us your feedback.
Do come along for:

  • a brief formal AGM, with a chance to vote on CCF Trustees and other resolutions*
  • an update on CCF’s 2014 work and finances and future plans and new directions
  • participation in further improving our plans and ways of working

With your help, we want to accelerate the low-carbon society in the Cambridge area.

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Invitation to CCF’s Summer Social


Eltisley Avenue, Cambridge
It’s been another great six months for CCF and we’d love to celebrate with you. The summer social is a great CCF tradition – an opportunity to meet like-minded people and get to know others connected with CCF in a fun, social atmosphere. Some drinks and snacks will be provided though you’re most welcome to bring something to share. This event is open to all CCF supporters. It’s always a lovely occasion to meet old and new friends alike. Please RSVP (info@cambridgecarbonfootprint.org) if you’d like to join us and we’ll send you an email with the party details.

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WWII Food Rationing Challenge – trying a rationed diet for a week or more in June


Why a rationing challenge?
green ration book2015 is the 70 year anniversary marking the end of WWII. It is an opportunity to remember some of the hardships that people endured in their daily lives during and after the wartime years. Rationing in Britain was unpopular, in other countries food shortages and rationing were a matter of life and death.

A rather surprising outcome of rationing in Britain was that despite the queues, shortages and lack of variety, people were healthier during the war years than they are today! They consumed less meat and dairy products and fewer processed and out of season foods. Continue reading

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Speak up For the Love of…

Central London

For the Love of... smallerWhether it’s your morning coffee, walks on the beach, or your local community, it could be affected by climate change.

So come June, we’ll be gathering people from Cambridge and joining the Climate Coalition and thousands of others from around the UK to ask our MPs to commit to strong action on climate change to protect all the things we love. It’s our first opportunity after the General Election to tell our newly elected representatives what matters to us in this crucial year for climate action. Continue reading

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CCF Stall at Arbury Carnival

Arbury CarnivalArbury Town Park, Campkin Rd, Cambridge

CCF will be playing a new game that reveals where we really can cut carbon and save money. The carnival will be a good place to drop by and find out more about June’s rationing challenge and the ‘For the Love of…’ climate lobby of Parliament on June 17th.

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Big Bunting Sew Up

bunting 2Cambridge Women’s Resource Center
The Wharf, Hooper Street
Cambridge, CB1 2NZ


Groups from around the UK are working on bunting for the ‘Speak Up For the Love of…’ climate lobby and here in Cambridge the Ladybirds WI and Cambridge Carbon Footprint are collaborating on craftavism under the banner of The #Cambridge Cares Big Bunting Project. Continue reading

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