Climate Rising

climate_rising_teaser2A couple of weeks ago, just under 1,000 climate change activists (including 3 intrepid members of Cambridge Carbon Footprint!) met in London at the Climate Rising event to discuss what to do next following the Paris climate change talks. Continue reading

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Vacancy: Open Eco Homes

dream job

Open Eco Homes Project Worker?

Open Eco Homes (OEH) arranges for householders to show and explain to visitors on 2 weekends in September how they save home energy by their home’s design, retro-fitted improvements, smart behaviour, etc. Continue reading

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Seville Orange Marmalade

P1040028 (1024x574)Home made marmalade tastes fantastic: far better than anything you can buy in the shops. Not only is it lower carbon it’s also much cheaper, and it really doesn’t take long to make. Continue reading

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CCF office closure

CCF Christmas (Medium)

Well, it’s been quite a 2015! Here at CCF we’ve run many well attended events, had a run away success with our WWII Rationing Challenge, and had good fun at a good many stalls. All of which we could not have done without the help of our many wonderful volunteers. After such a busy year, it’s time we all took a rest! With that in mind the CCF office will be closed over the holiday period. We’ll be shut Monday 21st December 2015 to Friday 1st January 2016 inclusive. We look forward to catching up with you all in the new year.

Alana Sinclair
CCF Co-ordinator

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The Paris deal: a day to celebrate, but…

CoP21 Negotiators(640x360)

In what I think is genuinely a day to celebrate, we have a legally binding climate deal from the Paris COP21 negotiations.

The French did a great job on running the incredibly complex negotiations, resulting in an agreement that is stronger than anyone dared hope two weeks ago. The process was transparent, democratic and flexible and these values seem to have continued into the final text.

It is the first time in history rich, poor and emerging economies have made a joint commitment to tackle climate change, aiming to limit warming to “well below 2C”. There’s also the aspirational goal of limiting it to the safer 1.5C. Continue reading

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President Tong & Richard Denniss

President Tong & Richard Denniss

Last night we felt priveleged to hear Anote Tong, the President of Kiribati, call for no new coal mines. Before being invited I knew next to nothing about the pacific island state of Kiribati: straddling the equator and the international dateline, it was a British colony (The Gilbert and Ellice Islands) until 1979. Continue reading

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Climate Ribbons

Ribbon Tree (640x360)As part of the Climate Ribbon project we brought dozens of ribbons from Cambridge on which people had written WHAT THEY LOVE AND HOPE TO NEVER LOSE TO CLIMATE CHAOS. Thanks Jenny & other who  helped gathering them. Continue reading

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CCF Paris Workshop

Workshop (640x360)

We’d offered to run a CCF workshop about personal footprints: “How to stop feeling helpless” at Climat Forum at a fairly bleak school in the Paris suburb of Montreuil. We only had confirmation a week ago. Publicity was minimal. Would anyone come?  Continue reading

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UK Innovators in Paris

Outside Climate Solutions (640x360)

Extra security in Paris is undersandable but there were 2 events we couldn’t get into.

On Friday night we went to the launch of Energy Unlocked, a new UK organisation supporting low-carbon energy innovation. It’s a small startup, which attracted low-carbon business organisations over a remarkable range of scale:    Continue reading

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Greener gifting

Green gifts?

Green gifts?

I love Christmas. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, putting Christmas decorations up, and making my great grandmother’s Christmas puddings. But I find Christmas stressful too. It’s difficult finding gifts I know my family will love, but which don’t make me feel bad because I know they have high carbon emissions. Continue reading

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An inspiring week

CCF waits for the climate march to begin

CCF waits for the climate march to begin

I am writing this at the start of the Climate Change talks in Paris after an inspiring week that has left me hopeful that we can overcome the huge challenges we are facing from climate change.

On Monday night I joined over 80 other interested people from Cambridge Continue reading

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Paris here we come


Anne & I will be in Paris from Thu 3 to Tue 8 December, attending some of the numerous fringe events. We hope to learn and share ideas with people and organisations like CCF from all over the world. Continue reading

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Cambridge Carbon Message

CCMessage signing (641x360) .jpgTom Bragg, CCF Chair

Signing the Cambridge Climate Message, on behalf of CCF, felt like connecting with the bigger picture: the Paris Climate talks, the coming low-carbon Cambridge and the people & organisations working for it.

The message is:
“We, the people and organisations of the city of Cambridge in the UK, support local and global efforts to take action on climate change. We recognise the serious threat which climate change poses to everyone everywhere. Continue reading

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Climate Change – What Can You Do?


John Turner, CCF Volunteer

I recently read a fascinating article from The Guardian who asked ten green leaders at the forefront of the climate movement for simple steps ordinary people can take in the fight against climate change. The answers ranged from political activism and support for government initiatives through to lifestyle changes you can make in your daily life. Continue reading

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Why do pumpkins need rescuing? The Cambridge #PumpkinRescue Festival


Bev Sedley, Chair of Cambridge Sustainable Food

Everyone loves pumpkins and at this time of year pumpkins are the belle of the ball – Halloween is the UK’s second largest retail festival after Christmas –so why on earth do pumpkins need rescuing? Continue reading

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