Cambridge Pumpkin Fest


Various locations throughout Cambridgepumpkinfest logo.jpeg

The first Cambridge Pumpkin Fest is hosting over 30 events to encourage food waste reduction in fun, creative and delicious ways. Festivities include:

  • Pumpkin Festival launch Night at St Paul’s on 23 Oct with talks from Sam Joseph of Bristol Skipchen, food4food and Prospects Trust. Food provided by FoodCycle with music from The Misspent Ukes.
  • Pip’s Pay as You Feel Pumpkin Pop-up at St Paul’s on both Sun 25th Oct and Fri 6th Nov. A popular dining experience that serves vegetarian and vegan meals created from rescued food.
  • Kids’ Disco Soup, St Paul’s 7th Nov. Cook and dance! First ever disco soup especially for children. Make a meal together from donated food whilst the DJ provides the tunes.
  • And lots, lots more for both adults and children including storytelling, picnics, ghost walks, a visit to a waste management park, a Pumpkin Labyrinth etc. For a full programme see the Pumpkin Festival website

Booking necessary for some events and some events are free but not all. You can join the event on facebook or twitter #PumpkinRescue

CCF is pleased to be partnering on the Cambridge Pumpkin Fest.

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