Cambridge Carbon Message

CCMessage signing (641x360) .jpgTom Bragg, CCF Chair

Signing the Cambridge Climate Message, on behalf of CCF, felt like connecting with the bigger picture: the Paris Climate talks, the coming low-carbon Cambridge and the people & organisations working for it.

The message is:
“We, the people and organisations of the city of Cambridge in the UK, support local and global efforts to take action on climate change. We recognise the serious threat which climate change poses to everyone everywhere.

This is why we are calling on all parties at COP21 to come to an ambitious and fair agreement which gives the best chance possible of staying below a 2 degree Celsius global average temperature rise.”

Please can you or your organisation sign too It closes on 11 Decmeber when the talks end.

This will be sent to our climate negotiators in Paris, in particular to Sir David King, the Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative for Climate Change.

Anne & I are going to Paris to attend some of the numerous fringe events to learn and share ideas with other people and organisations like CCF from around the world.  I’ll be blogging about it here.

Thank you, James Smith, for starting and promoting this message. You can see his CCF blogs on Transport and What’s climate change got to do with health?

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