The joys of chilli!

Oh, the difference a bit of chilli makes! Lovely Liz Serocold brought me some beautiful dried red chillies she’d grown last year and I have been adding them to soups and stews. Who needs black pepper and stock cubes when we have chillies, fresh marjoram from the garden, bay leaves and lots of fresh garlic?! Here is a photo of the delicious veg stew we had recently with baked potato: crown prince squash (lovely texture – makes a big difference), carrots, celery, onions and cauliflower. (I used the hand-held blender to part-liquidise most of the veg, but steamed the cauliflower separately and added it at the end, so it didn’t get too mushy.) Really yummy!

A real treat this week was loin of venison from Radwinter Game (bought from the Farm Outlet Shop on Lensfield Road) – this is an exquisitely tender piece of meat – it cuts like butter after only a very little frying. We had it with mushrooms. Perfect! AND I at last managed to get some Lincolnshire butter from the same shop (they don’t always have it) – this is particularly delicious butter (although it does go off sooner than supermarket butter).

Apples again!

I finished the Cox’s apples I bought last October and got another bushel box from the Barker’s stall at the Sunday marketthis should last me until April/May. It’s interesting to find I actually prefer the wrinkly ones I’ve been eating that haven’t been in cold store – they are sweeter and crisper, even though a bit shrivelled. The cold-store ones (higher carbon, of course!) are plump but their texture seems slightly woolly, so, for me at least, the low-carbon option is also the tastiest! Next year I’ll buy two bushel boxes in October, so they won’t be cold-stored at all!

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