Homemade pasta from local ingredients

This week we decided to try something different, as we wanted a change from potatoes and rice, and we were missing our favourite pasta dishes. So Ian had a go at making pasta (local flour, rapeseed oil and local eggs). It wasn’t quite like shop-bought pasta, but tasted good, and went very well with a sausage and onion sauce. (Sausages from Burwash Manor and onions from the Sunday Market). We’ll certainly do it again!






Posted by Ann and Ian

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  1. eating-local says:

    This looks great, Ann and Ian! (Very professional-looking photos!) I only wish I could find some local gluten-free flour so I could have a go (although i would have to find a substitute for eggs, because of the food-combining I do). Does anyone know where to find local gluten-free flour? (Glebe Farm have local gluten-free oats, but get the ingredients for their gluten-free flour from further afield.)

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