5:2 food challenge – Week 3

                many cheese pizza   leek potato bake

Ann and Ian, March 2014

Our vegetarian meals this week used cheese, as we found we had a very full cheese box in the fridge, with several bits of unidentified cheese that had lost their packets! So the first meal was pizza, made at home, with onions, tomato puree and some leeks, topped with a mix of cheese bits – not so much four cheese pizza as multi cheese pizza. It was delicious, and full of unexpected flavours!

The second meal was shared with my father, and was a potato bake with leeks, spinach, a little bit of cream and some grated cheese on the top. A casserole dish was layered with cooked potato slices, sautéed leeks and uncooked washed spinach leaves, with a little cream between each layer, topped with the cheese and then baked in the oven for 25 minutes.

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