Climate Friendly Homes

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Climate Friendly Homes is a free service provided to help you make practical plans to reduce your carbon emissions.

Sorry, but we’re not taking new requests for surveys for a bit,
because we haven’t been able to keep up with the demand.

Please check back here to see if we’re able to take more.

The project offers:

  • An individualised report offering suggestions and advice about what can be done to cut the carbon footprint of your home, and save on bills.
  • Information tailored to your circumstances on grants, suppliers and discounts.
  • Advice and support from a friendly, trained volunteer.

How does it work?

  1. You register your name, address and contact details by emailing:
  2. A trained volunteer surveyor gets in contact to arrange a convenient time to visit.
  3. Your volunteer surveyor visits, takes you through a questionnaire about your home, and books a return visit or phone call.
  4. A detailed report is produced, providing recommendations for addressing particular issues.  This is sent to you by email or post, as you prefer.
  5. Your volunteer surveyor returns and goes through the results of your survey, our energy saving checklist and an action plan, containing a series of practical recommendations.


Can I become a surveyor?

We hope to run training for new surveyors in the coming months.  Email to register your interest.

Who are the surveyors?

The surveyors are all Cambridge Carbon Footprint volunteers.

How is the service funded?

The project is currently not funded and is run by unpaid volunteers with some support from CCF staff.  We ask householders if they would be willing to provide a donation to CCF for the service.  The donation is not obligatory and the amount should be based on householders’ circumstances. We usually suggest a donation in the vicinity of £5 to £40.

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