Low Carbon Living

Cambridge Carbon Footprint’s Low Carbon Living project aims to help raise awareness of how much fossil fuel we are using in our day-to-day lives, the impact this is having on our climate, and the many positive actions we can take to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions to help lead a lower carbon lifestyle.

Lower Carbon Living has two functions:

  • to provide support and to help to build a sense of community, so that people feel empowered to make substantial and sustainable reductions in their carbon footprint. For many people it can be difficult to keep going in the longer term without such support. Knowing you are making this journey with like-minded others can be an enormous support (as well as much more fun!)
  • to provide practical information on food, home energy, consumption, waste and travel, for example by running workshops, arranging trips and giving presentations on topics such as eco-renovating a Victorian house, rainwater harvesting, and growing your own vegtables

Low Carbon Living activities

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To find out more about Low Carbon Living, or to get involved in one of our activities, please email info@cambridgecarbonfootprint.org.