Continuing Carbon Conversations

Continuing Carbon Conversations is an informal group that meets every 2 months to talk about the highs and lows of low carbon living, and to share a practical tip or two on how to do it. The atmosphere is friendly, with meetings usually held in someones home. The topics for discussion are left open for the group to decide.

To join participants must have already completed the Carbon Conversations course. We also ask people to commit to attending at least four sessions, although some people enjoy it so much they like to do more!

If you’re interested in joining or you’d like more information please email or phone 01223 301842.

“Joining the Continuing Carbon Conversations group was just what I needed to make me re-look at the plans I had made during my Carbon Conversations course. It reminded me of all the things I planned to do that I had actually done (Yeah! A nice feeling!) and inspired me to get on with the rest! It was great to meet a new group of Carbon Conversations “graduates” too and to share some stories of what we’d all been doing to reduce our carbon footprints.” (Fiona)