Open Eco Homes 2011 – Acknowledgements

Project Manager
Liz Knox

Eco Poster and Leaflet
Designed by 2d Graphic and printed by Anglia Print

CCF will be eternally grateful to the following people
who have generously volunteered their time:

The Publicity Group
Simone Costella, Lorna McNeur, Siobhan Mellon, Bev Sedley
and Liz Serocold who – led by Liz Knox – collectively developed
the press release, poster, leaflet and publicity strategy

With additional input from Caroline Biggs, Peter Cook,
Laura Lehtosalo and Nicola Terry

Open Days

Eco Home Owners: see their Case Studies

Guided Tour Stewards
Paul Cassell, Andrew Gillett, Dora Kalcicka, Urma Lawrence,
Cherry Leung, Andrea McGhee, Alex Rice, Rob Sassor, Bev Sedley,
Liz Serocold, Anika Smith and Chris Wright

Launch Event

Question Time Panel: see the Launch Event

Stewards: The Publicity Group and Guided Tour Stewards

Questions Processor: Rod Singles

Sound Engineer: Andrew Dutton


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Open Eco Homes 2011 – Home page
Get an overview

Choose homes to visit
Case studies and cycle routes

Come to our Launch Event
Ask the experts ‘Question Time’

View Eco Poster and Leaflet
Please download for display or to share with friends and colleagues

After choosing homes call 0800 512 012 (the Energy Saving Trust)
Booking lines are open on Mon-Fri 9am-7pm, Saturdays 9am-12 noon

Book guided tours at 10.30am, 12 noon, 2.00pm and 3.30pm
on Saturday 18th June and Sunday 26th June 2011

Donations invited with guideline of £2 per person per home 🙂

Open Eco Homes 2011 is organised by Cambridge Carbon Footprintin association with the Energy Saving Trust and Cycle Streets 

Funding has been generously contributed by Sustainable City,
Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership and local businesses:
Ridgeons, Midsummer Energy, Mole and East Green Energy.