Welcome to Cambridge Carbon Footprint

Open Eco Homes 2015

Danel Zeichner MP     at Coleridge Rd

Visitors on our 2 open days were really buzzing, making about 400 visits.  They found lots to inform and inspire them, as hosts showed what makes their homes so energy-efficient. Thanks to all involved! Visitors please give us your Feedback – prize draw of a £25 voucher for the excellent CB2 Bistro

Now there are 5 Follow-Up Events to help you convert inspiration into real home-energy improvements:

Priorities and Plans  Thu 8 Oct
Airtightness & Ventilation  Tue 13 Oct
Personal Stories  Tue 20 Oct
Renewables Plus  Wed 4 Nov
Insulation  Mon 9 Nov

Can yours be an Open Eco Home in Sept 2016? Info here.